Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

It's been a while since I updated - mostly due to a crazy schedule and attempting to read way too many scholarly articles for class. This post is going to be a mish-mosh of my life in the past couple of weeks.

I'm starting off with the photo story I did for my Advanced Photojournalism class. Every week we have to hand in a photo story (5 photos that explain an event, person, place, etc.). My first story was about this group, the Boston Snow Dogs, and their participation in the MSPCA fundraiser, Walk for Animals around Boston Common on Sunday, Sept. 13.

Boston Snow Dogs members Amy Duffield (left), Rhonda Spaulding (center), and Barbara Hobbs (right) stand with their Siberian Huskies in the shade along with other members of the group before the MSPCA Walk for Animals around Boston Common on Sunday afternoon. Staying in the shade helps to keep the dogs from overheating under their thick coats of fur.

Siberian Huskies Rufus (left) and Logan (right) play together before the Boston Snow Dogs begin the MSPCA Walk for Animals around Boston Common on Sunday afternoon. One of the goals of the Boston Snow Dogs is to provide a way for northern breed dogs in the Boston area to socialize with each other.
Barbara Hobbs, 28, a dog walker and student from Brockton, MA kisses her Husky, Kyra, while waiting for the MSPCA Walk for Animals to start at Boston Common on Sunday afternoon. "Without the dogs we wouldn't be us," Hobbs says. Along with the social aspect of Boston Snow Dogs, Hobbs works as the rescue organizer for the group.

Ken Perron, 50, a corrections officer from Attleboro, MA (center) walks the MSPCA Walk for Animals route with his two dogs Denali and Aurora on Sunday afternoon. All of the dogs in Boston Snow Dogs are working dogs and the hyper nature of the breed helps keep Perron fit. "If I didn't have these guys I'd be 400 lbs," Perron said.

Amy Duffield of Walpole, MA walks her three Siberian Huskies, Teghan (left), Odin (center) and Mack (right) along the MSPCA Walk for Animals route around Boston Common on Sunday afternoon. To keep the animals fit and working sled dogs, Boston Snow Dogs participates in “urban mushing”, where the huskies pull their owners on bikes and scooters, much like they would attached to a sled in the snow.

The Boston Snow Dogs raised almost $5,000 for the event. I had a blast hanging out with these dogs and their owners. It was a nice way to put together what had been a stressful project due to terrible weather all weekend.

So a couple of days after I got to spend hours with man's 4-legged best friend, one of my 2-legged buddies broke one of his. I helped him lug equipment across campus to shoot head shots for the men's and women's ice hockey teams yesterday afternoon and he invited me to Boston Photo Night over at Harvard University afterward. I had a really great time getting to see work from other working photographers in Boston and got some feedback on the my Snow Dogs story. We were on the roof of the building that houses the Harvard News Office and I got this shot of Harvard at night:
I'm trying to branch out from my usual inundation of sports images so getting something simple like this night shot is my way of playing and getting back to basics. Keep checking back for more photo stories and (most likely) playoff baseball from the Red Sox. I'm always looking for photo/story ideas, so if you have any suggestions, pass them along!

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