Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Boys of Summer

As usual, it has been hectic up here in Boston with the Red Sox getting into the thick of their season and the weather finally holding up for some sunny days. I've got a mix of photos from various games in this post - all of them up here for a couple of special boys back home that helped me appreciate the game of baseball.

The shot above was an experiment in multiple exposure for me. A lot of times photographers will try this on pitchers because you are guaranteed most of the body will be in a different place with each click. I tried it with a batter and really liked the effect of the bat. Now, I just have to figure out a way to make the face not so blurry.

I got a chance to test my skills with my boss's D700s and D3s for a game he couldn't shoot. Needless to say, I got some pretty good stuff - the photos were so much better than what I usually get out of my D80. I was able to snag stuff like Okajima releasing the ball as it left his fingertips. (I also love the red Fourth of July hats on the Sox)

It was only fitting that the Seattle Mariners were in town for the first game I got to use the good cameras. My friend Dan is a huge Mariners fan and his love for Seattle is all because of the batter in the picture above. Griffey is one of the few respectable players left in the game from the steroid era and I was glad I caught this image of him at bat. Dan and I argue about baseball all the time when I'm home and all our banter is what forced me to learn the teams and the players when I was in high school. He's like a bottomless pit of knowledge when it comes to this game, and since I haven't been home to hang out with him in almost 8 months, I figured a couple of shots of his favorite team might keep me on his good side.

The funny thing about the picture above is that I didn't even see the ball was in the frame until I was looking for the pictures I was going to post. Jason Bay has easily become my favorite player on the team so I was double excited when I saw this photo of him diving back to first. (and yes, he was safe)

My high school history teacher is a huge Red Sox fan, so anytime I get shots like this I feel like I have to post them just so he can see how far I've come from my days sitting on the bench doing stats for his baseball team. I was the statestician for the SBHS baseball team my junior and senior year in high school after I had to quit playing soccer because of a knee injury. Mr. Sheldon taught me all the technical aspects of the game (I pride myself on knowing what the infield fly rule is) and helped me stay involved with sports after I had to stop playing. He has always been one of the few teachers I had that believed I could do something great with my life and encouraged me to be at my best even when it was the hardest. When I told him I would be working for his beloved Red Sox I thought he was going to fall over, so hopefully getting shots like this is the small way I can repay him for believing in me.

One of the biggest perks of working for the Red Sox was being able to bring my Dad around Fenway Park on the Fourth of July. He took a bus up to Boston from Jersey to see the game and experience the Boston Pops on the esplanade. I took him on the field, snapped pics of him with a World Series Ring on in the dugout and on the Green Monster. He couldn't stop talking about the experience and it felt good to be able to do something nice for him. Playing catch with him in the back yard was my first exposure to the game, and I'm pretty sure my Derek Jeter impersonations would have meant nothing without another glove to throw them to. Most of the time I just want to make my parents proud, and when I was able to take him around the ballpark and show him what I do, it was pretty cool.

So, to my favorite boys of summer - the ones on the field and off of it - thank you for helping me love this game.

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so jealous of Uncle Noel...hook me up before i leave for AZ lol...i leave the 14th of August
-chris ulanday

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