Sunday, May 24, 2009

Omir, O my!

I may work for the Red Sox but my heart bleeds orange and blue. Yes, I'm a Mets fan, and to be honest, I did not expect my team from Queens to come into Boston this weekend and do damage. There is still one game left in the three game series, but the Mets took the first two to make their roadtrip to beantown a success.

In the first game, Johan Santana pitched a gem and the offense took advantage of Dice-K's return to the mound. All in all it was a good, clean baseball game.

Last night, however, was a great game. Boston and New York both had good pitching perfomances from their starters and defense was pretty solid. After I finished shoting scoreboards I found a seat behind home plate and shot some game action. I was shooting pretty well and then Daniel Murphy shattered his bat and I nailed it. I was exstatic when I saw this shot. I think Murphy is going to be a solid player for years to come and hes definitely one of my favorites.

Then the ninth inning came along. Omir Santos, the out of nowhere rookie catcher, hit a shot off of Jonathan Papelbon and handed the fans at Fenway a pair of unwelcomed firsts - their closer blew his first save and the play had to go under review for the first use of instant replay at America's most beloved ball park.

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Jeff Valois said...

Dynamite pictures. Murphy's broken bat is a great catch.

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