Thursday, May 21, 2009


It has been a busy few weeks, thus the lack of postings on my blog. After somehow pushing my over-exhausted brain to get through finals, I spent the end of the week packing and moving into my friend's apartment for the summer. I'm interning at the Red Sox (retro-active to April 6th) and have spent the time I have without classes adjusting to being somewhat of an adult.

But besides running around like crazy, I also went through a bit of a photo slump. My pictures weren't popping the way I wanted them to and I didn't really like anything that was coming out of my camera. I kept making pictures one second too soon or a little too late - missing the moment by a hair.

I needed one of those games that everything just clicked. I went through a similar slump in November with hockey and all it took was a BU/BC game to snap me out of it. This time, it was the beauty of a setting sun over the shoulder of a Green Monster that did the trick. I was on point tonight and it was the first time that I was happy with everything from events to pregame and game action.

All I can say is I hope this wasn't a one day spark of Mets are coming to town this weekend and I want to get something great!


Kujo said...

This is a great shot!!! wonderful eye for capturing this picture

Kujo said...

Uncle Jerry needs Tickets :=)to see a ballgame in Fenway.

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