Thursday, April 30, 2009

O Hey, Opening Day!

*All materials in this video are copyright of Kristyn Ulanday and/or the Boston Red Sox.

So I FINALLY finished this project for my multimedia class. I'd love feedback, so watch it and leave comments!!


Phoebe Sexton said...

Wow! Great job! There are just so many compliments to give about this piece. For someone who really knows the Sox world or someone who doesn't, this is a great thing to watch. Great video - nice and steady; lots of great audio. I loved the stuff with Dave and the grounds crew. And, the truly impressive thing, is that I didn't mind watching a 6-minute multimedia piece, which is the truest sign of success in my book. There are only a few things I had an issue with: you have a few weird sound blips and my heart just cries out for some sort of "play ball" or "welcome to Fenway park" or some sort of audio clip at the very end, maybe cross-faded with the jet. I think those clips are so indicative of the true start of a game/season, I feel it's an important thing to have in this piece. But, other than those things, this is a really wonderful product. Kudos and congrats!

Scott said...

Awesome job, Kristyn. Love the topic choice, and the music. Only thing missing from the Opening Day experience was an Italian sausage.

sam said...

Nice video! like that's really cool!

love sam :)

Anonymous said...

A Yankee logo definitely kills the grass! haha nice work!

Michael said...

Nice job! BUT you better not give me a hard time for not checking your blog...WHEN YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED!!!

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