Sunday, April 12, 2009

I disagree.

Meet John Barone. A former sports editor, his specialty is criticism and sarcasm. Nine times out of ten Barone will have an answer or argument for anything you say - the only frustrating thing is when he's right, which is a lot of the time. He has a complaint for everything and could argue a point for as long as you'll let him. Sometimes I think he just likes to push buttons.

Barone is a lot like a Cinderella team during March Madness...he sneaks up on you, proving what he's made of through hard work and determination rather than flashy plays. He's good at what he does and commands respect - if you don't know him yet, you will - just pay attention to the Red Sox this summer.

Barone is a hard one to get to know, but once you crack the shell you'll find he's actually a pretty caring guy. Anytime you need a friend, he's there. The charm of John Barone is that you can argue, joke around or have a serious heart-to-heart and you know each time it's genuine.

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