Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ben Seal. New York Times.

I've decided to document as much of this Frozen Four Trip as possible and bring you behind the scenes to see the people I work with, the people I take pictures of and the fun we have along the way. Meet Ben Seal. Ben is one of the three beat writers I've been traveling with all season to cover the BU hockey team. He's one bad-ass, freelancing machine, writing for four different papers this weekend. He even busted out the laptop on the car ride from Boston to finish a piece on the new BU Basketball coach for the Boston Globe. (I was fast enough to catch him resting his eyes for a split second)

Ben is the one with the lines. He can always be counted on for the "hey guy" or "what up?!" that lightens the mood. Clocking in as the smallest of us all, don't be misled - he's on top of his game. Ben doesn't just craft brilliant articles. He's got this quick and quirky sense of humor that keeps us continuously entertained.

So when you see him, say hello - he's single and ready to mingle. And don't forget, he's big time.

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