Sunday, February 8, 2009

No. 1

I had a little wiggle room this weekend to play around with a 14mm lens during the hockey game vs UMass-Lowell. I was teaching a friend how to shoot hockey, so while she was getting used to the speed of the sport I was playing with the widest of wide angles. I like being able to see everything that is going on in a shot. Hockey is actually a very graceful sport, and the forms a players bodies can take seem to get lost in the close up sometimes. I like the picture above because everyone was positioned so the photo converged to a point made up by the puck.

I never thought I would get to the point where I felt comfortable enough to experiment with stuff during a hockey game, so it was fun to take a break from getting the shots I had to get and try something new. The 14mm lens will definitely come in handy this Monday when I go back to the Garden to shoot the Beanpot Championship game. The holes in the boards are so small, it will be nice to see more through the lens than I can with my eye alone.

I'd also like to congratulate coach Parker on his 800th win:

Agganis used this picture in a video tribute to the legendary coach. Captain Matt Gilroy is congratualting Parker on the ice after the 800th win at Merrimack. It was another one of those moments that I was lucky to be there for and will definitely remember as a highlight of this season.

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