Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wild Weekend

Boston University Chris Connolly (12) celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal vs the University of New Hampshire on Saturday night.

In any sport, there are always those teams that come out of nowhere and dominate. Whether you attribute their success to hard work, good leadership or a fight to shed the underdog title, those teams are the teams that make sports more than just a game every Friday and Saturday night. They create a culture of hope and radiate the desire to win on and off the field of play. They have the power to change a bad day into a good one just by winning a game. But overall, these teams make people believe.

The Boston University men's hockey team may be one of those teams. Watching them play every weekend is like seeing Kobe and LeBron go head-to-head for a month. They are winning a lot, sometimes all, of their games, but the magic of this team is not their power to put the puck in the net. This team is a TEAM. Though, like every team, they have their standouts, the Terriers don't win because of one person's efforts. Every person comes out for every game and plays like losing is not an option. When they give up a goal, the offense is right there to add on another tally and push the team up again. They want to rectefy 2 years of falling short, and it shows.

I keep saying it, but I feel priviliged to be documenting this hockey season. The hockey team is the lifeblood of BU athletics, and I get to see it through, win or lose, to the very end.

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