Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Chapter

On Thursday, January 15th, I was privileged enough to shoot Governor Deval Partick's State of the Commonwealth address at the Massachusetts State House.

I always feel a sense of pride and duty when I document political events. The democratic process amazes me. It is remarkable that such a large group of people with different beliefs and different backgrounds can come together and create programs and enact laws to protect and serve the people. My pictures help to tell the story of that process - even if it is only in the smallest way.

The reason I chose to post the picture above was because of how different it looked to me. I had plenty of the usual speech giving shots, but to me, it is the before and after that truly tell us what weight the words of our politicians hold. It is the before and after that give us small glimpses into their character away from the podium.

Governor Patrick looks confident and hopeful. From his speech, he realizes there are many in his state suffering with the economy as it is, but he is motivated to help them. There is a comforting calm about his expression that shows he is prepared to take on the troubles of his state - not perpetuate or ignore them. There is much going on around him - cameras are going off behind him, representatives are awaiting his arrival into the chamber and the sergeant at arms is announcing his presence. But amid all of that his face is clear and centered - he is, in some way, illuminated.

The graininess of the photo left much to be desired for me, but it was the moment that made me post it.

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