Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scoring the Shot

Getting the shot of a goal is not an easy task; getting a good shot of a goal is, aside from other things, insanely frustrating for me. Either there is a cluster of players around the net so the puck is not visible or I'm on the wrong side of the net so you see the shot but not the goal itself.

Above, Chris Higgins (10), a forward for Boston University, nets a goal in the beginning of the third period to bring his team within one of a tie against Providence College. BU lost the game 4-2.

BU came out strong in the beginning of the third period and when Higgins made that goal I was convinced I had captured the game changing moment - I was convinced they had to win after that. But as sports often go, BU could not climb back and ended up giving up another goal to PC to seal the loss.

Since the paper could not print Higgins's jubilation in the face of a loss, I posted the photo here. The shot is simple - the puck is bouncing in the net as the goalie ends his efforts to stop it. It is rare that I get such a shot, and even more rare that my over-critical self likes the shots I do get like this.

Overall, it was nice to be back at a game, in the arena with the noise of the fans and the cameras dangling from my shoulders after a month off for winter break.

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