Monday, December 15, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

South Bend, Ind. - Boston University men's basketball captain Tyler Morris (24) is seen above attempting to get the ball in the net during BU's 74-67 loss to the University of Notre Dame at the Joyce Center.

I was there.

The most amazing thing about being a photographer is the experiences that seemingly fall in your lap. You get to see and be part of things that most other people only dream about. On Friday, Dec. 12 I crammed into a car with 4 of the writers from the Daily Free Press and embarked on a trip that will probably define the first semester of my junior year at Boston University. Partially because we wanted to cover the Notre Dame game and partially for the trip itself, we drove across five states to get to Indiana by game time (7 PM) on Saturday. By 1 AM Monday morning we were back in Boston crashing on our beds after a three day extravaganza that included one of the best BU basketball games to date.

I shot the best I've ever shot a basketball game, but even if I had not been on my game the trip would have been well worth it. BU had a fire and intensity through the entire game. They were touted as 30-point underdogs coming into the game, but for once the loss was not indicative of the way they played. BU led for 36 minutes and almost broke a 40-game home court winning streak on Notre Dame. Tyler Morris played like he was a freshman again and Corey Lowe stepped up when they needed him in the second half. It was a game where I couldn't take the camera away from my face for fear that I'd miss some expression or action that I would regret later.

Besides the pictures I got from the game (you can see more at Full Court Press: BU basketball's official blog) I had a great time traveling all the way to Indiana. Some people thought we were crazy to treck all the way out there with finals later on in the week, but it was well worth it. The guys will never admit it, but it was a bonding experience. It was one of those trips that I'll probably look back on and remember as one of the highlights of my college experience.

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