Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I realize I've had an abundance of hockey photos up lately, but being on the beat means its usually the majority (and best shots) of everything I shoot. This weekend was the BU vs. Boston College home-and-home series. For anyone not familiar with college hockey, BU-BC is the equivalent to Yankees-Red Sox for college kids. Students start lining up outside of the arena hours before the games to make sure they get a seat in the student section to taunt the opposing goalie. It's like playoffs in December and a pretty good test to see just how good the team really is.

I posted this picture of goalie Kieran Millan before the game because it is a shot I have been trying to get since last season. Every home game the team enters with music blaring and spotlights roaming around a dark arena. Last year's beat photographer took a picture of then-BU captain Pete MacArthur standing alone as a spotlight hit him, just as Millan is shown here in goal. From the moment I saw that picture, I've been trying to capture one of my own. The lights move fast and are sporadic; usually my attempts result in a blank screen. I don't know if it was the magic of BU-BC or that I was more focused than usual, but I clicked the shutter just fast enough to snag the image above. It took more luck than skill, but I was still overjoyed to see the image when I went over my take.

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Melissa Wade said...

I tried for that at one of your games earlier this year and was happy when I first checked the camera that it looked like I got starting goalie + 1. Happy until I looked at it on the computer and discovered that Strait was adjusting himself. Will have to try again.

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