Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historic Change

Election night 2008 is a night that will forever define my career as a journalist. I used to be in love with politics - when I was 10 my dream job was to be President of the United States. Like most Americans my belief in the democratic system had faltered during the last 8 years. But last night I spent the 2008 election photographing MA senator John Kerry's victory party and helping to put together a newspaper covering the election. At around 11 PM I returned to the newsroom after hours among democrats in awe of the amount of blue that covered CNN's United States map. In the office, our large TV monitor was rigged to a portable antennae TV as President-elect Barack Obama gave his victory speech through static and visible screen waves. But where these distractions would normally make it impossible to concentrate on the speaker, Obama captured the attention of every person in that room, regardless of the vote they cast, sending chills through our bodies. We all knew that this was the beginning of something spectacular; that in some small way, within the walls of our struggling student newspaper, we were witnessing the making of history - and we had helped to make it happen. 

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