Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Every week I have to turn in a different assignment for my photojournalism class using a different style of photography. This week's assignment was fashion photography. My roommate Stephanie was gracious enough to be my model, so we sauntered down to the North End to find this cobblestone alley that I had discovered a couple of weeks before.

When we go to the alley we found that it led to this beautiful park that let light in in all the right places. I set up the flashes and directed Stephanie for about 2 hours and came away with some pretty cool stuff. I especially like the way the light from the flashes hits her coat in the first picture and makes the outline just pop out of the background. Fashion photography was something I had never really done before, but after dabbling in it, I think it might be something I'd have fun working on and improving at.

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